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This document is the System Reference Manual for PocketBeagle and covers its use and design. PocketBeagle is an ultra-tiny-yet-complete Linux-enabled, community-supported, open-source USB-key-fob-computer. PocketBeagle features an incredible low cost, slick design and simple usage, making it the ideal development board for beginners and professionals alike. Simply develop directly in a web browser providing you with a playground for programming and electronics. Exploring is made easy with several available libraries and tutorials with many more coming.

PocketBeagle will boot directly from a microSD card. Load a Linux distribution onto your card, plug your board into your computer and get started. PocketBeagle runs GNU.Linux, so you can leverage many different high-level programming languages and a large body of drivers that prevent you from needing to write a lot of your own software.

This design will keep improving as the product matures based on feedback and experience. Software updates will be frequent and will be independent of the hardware revisions and as such not result in a change in the revision number of the board. A great place to find out the latest news and projects for PocketBeagle is on the home page beagleboard.org/pocket


Make sure you check the BeagleBoard.org docs repository for the most up to date information.

PocketBeagle Home Page

Fig. 475 PocketBeagle Home Page#