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Detailed overview

Detailed hardware design


BeagleConnect LEDs

Fig. 335 BeagleConnect LEDs

Buttons & Buzzer

User Input Output (Buttons & Buzzer)

Fig. 336 User Input Output (Buttons & Buzzer)


On-board sesnsors

Fig. 337 On-board sesnsors


mikroBUS ports

Fig. 338 mikroBUS ports

USB-C port

USB-C for power & programming

Fig. 339 USB-C for power & programming

Buck converter

BuckConverter (3.3V output)

Fig. 340 BuckConverter (3.3V output)

LiPo battery charger

4.2V LiPo battery charger

Fig. 341 4.2V LiPo battery charger

Battery input protection

LiPo battery input protection

Fig. 342 LiPo battery input protection


MSP430F5503 (USB to UART & mikroBUS)

Fig. 343 MSP430F5503 (USB to UART & mikroBUS)


Digital subsection

CC1352P7 Digital subsection

Fig. 344 CC1352P7 Digital subsection

Analog subsection

CC1352P7 Analog subsection

Fig. 345 CC1352P7 Analog subsection

Power subsection

CC1352P7 Power subsection

Fig. 346 CC1352P7 Power subsection

RF subsection

CC1352P7 RF subsection

Fig. 347 CC1352P7 RF subsection

SPI Flash


Fig. 348 SPIFlash

Debug interface

CC1352P7 & MSP430F5503 TagConnect

Fig. 349 CC1352P7 & MSP430F5503 TagConnect